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-The USA Ski Cross World Cup Team 

Our Story...

   We have a unique situation as USA Ski Cross Athletes. The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association is the governing body for snow sports in the U.S, however they are unable to support our team with any financial help, coaching, or benefits most other US Ski Team athletes receive. Following the Vancouver Games, U.S. World Cup Ski Cross athletes have been forced to compete independently. This means that each athlete is responsible to cover all of their own expenses required to race World Cup Ski Cross. These expenses include staff salary, race entries, training fees, hotels, and travel expenses for ourselves as well as our staff. Over the last four years as the US Ski Cross team, we have worked together in efforts to develop a staff and team that can be the best in the world. 

About Us

World Cup Team 18/19

   Ski Cross is a high energy action sport where four competitors race down a snow covered terrain laden track. Making its first Olympic appearance in 2010, the sport has since been steadily gaining popularity. Ski Cross has a yearly World Cup schedule, along with World Championships, and Olympic competition. 


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